CloudZec sync

CloudZec sync (short „CloudZec“) is a free synchronisation solution with end-to-end encryption, based on stable technologies like GnuPG and SFTP.

The development is done on GitHub, this site is only for news, a short overview about the features and the FAQ.

Stable versions are avaliable here. For installation instructions look at the readme.



2016-04-16 Ending a project

I'm sorry to announce that this project is no longer maintained. The source code is still avaliable on GitHub, but there won't be any updates in the future. I know this is a little bit sad, because the original problem I tried to solve still exists, and even in 2016 there is no real, open source and working solution if anyone wants to sync files between devices via an untrusted server (and none of the devices running 24/7 or even at the same time…).

In addition, this website is only avaliable as an archive under a new domain:

2014-12-24 CloudZec Sync for Android is discontinued

I'm sorry to post this but the development of the reference implementation of CloudZec sync for Android is discontinued. I don't have enough time to develop and maintain the Android port of CloudZec sync. However, the original CloudZec sync client for Linux is still maintained.

2014-08-28 Update!

CloudZec sync version 0.6.1 is out! This time it's just a small fix, nothing more: If the timestamp in the log differs from the timestamp the files really have, the files will be updated to the oldest timestamp. For this I introduced a new option: updateTimestamp. Default is True, you can disable it if you set it to False or if you set useTimestamp to False (But if useTimestamp is False, everything that would require a timestamp comparison is disabled).

2014-05-29 Version 0.5.7, improved security

In previous versions of CloudZec sync the filenames on the server were just hashsums of the files. This isn't a good idea, someone who knows what hash algorithm you're using could identify single files. Version 0.5.7 fixes this behaviour, you just need to upgrade CloudZec. Instead of hashsums a random generated string is now used as filename. The new behaviour is only used for changes after you upgraded to v0.5.7, old files won't change (Well, until you remove, change or reupload them). Also, the automatic cleanup is now, per default, set to true. For old installations you might want to change this in your .cloudzec/cloudzec.conf.

2014-05-22 Version 0.5.5, new command line parser

My self-written command line argument parser has been replaced by argparse. That means:
  • more features
  • more flexibility
  • but also a new syntax
Check out the Readme if you want to know more. Also, I added a *.desktop-file and fixed a few smaller things.

2014-05-10 Version 0.5, now Ubuntu/Debian compatible!

With the release of version 0.5 CloudZec can now be used under Ubuntu 14.04 „Trusty“ or Debian 8 „Jessie“. Also it's now possible to use the „old“ versions of python-gnupg (version 0.3.6) or the „new“ version (1.2.5) from isislovecruft on GitHub. Also, the icons got an update.

2014-05-03 Version 0.4 is done, Stable release

With the release of version 0.4 CloudZec can now be considered as stable. Besides that, the development of the Android Application began (this might take a while…). Changelog:
  • Using access-time instead of modification-time, fixes #12
  • If compression was set to 'none' encryption failed resulting in an empty file, fixes #13
  • Syncing history between local and remote works now as intended
  • Removal of empty folders works now
  • Using set() if possible, more „pythonic“
  • Code Cleanup, Refactoring, removed dead code
  • Added a logo :)

2014-04-25 Version 0.3 released

Just a few minutes ago I released version 0.3! It fixes a major bug and includes a few nice and new features:
  • Added (experimental) support for Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8
  • Secure symmetric key generation using random.SystemRandom(), using entropy from os.urandom(), fixes issue #7
  • Keyring support, fixes issue #4
  • ZIP-compression is forced for the keys and log file, fixes issue #11
  • Cleaning up keys works now (for remote and local), keys are only stored if something changed
  • Ignore links within the sync folder
  • Fixed bug at startup if python3-notify2 is not installed

2014-04-23 Version 0.2 released

Today version 0.2 has been released! The new version includes a few nice features:
  • New sync-function using queues
  • File based deduplication works now in all cases
  • Non-recursive removal of emtpy folders
  • Notification support if the python 3 version of notify2 is installed
  • Cleanup of unnecessary files on the remote repository

2014-04-17 Version 0.1 released

Since today CloudZec sync is no longer alpha-state software, now we enterd the beta-state. The latest commit also includes a few bugfixes and a complete refactored

2014-04-13 Initial release

Release of the basic client on GitHub :)



Because I couldn't find any syncing solution that fits my needs. I wanted something that is free software, under GPLv3 if possible and does not require a special kind of server software. So I came up with the idea of a syncing solution that only requires a storage, like a server with sftp access.

What about Windows/Mac OS X/Android/iOS Clients?

Good question. My priorities are Linux (especially Archlinux and Ubuntu) as well as Android. I don't use Windows (but this would be the next logical step) and I never used and will never use Apple products. The protocol is open and easy to implement, so feel free to develop an alternative client or improve the existing reference implementation (or port it to another operating system).

I don't like your website

Yeah, me too. The design is way to simple and efficent compared to all the other sites around with their flash banners and pop-up advertises ;)

By the way: If you got any ideas for improvements, let me know.